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Provide a resource for nurses working in emergency fields
Embarrassing Problems
Health problems that worry you & that are difficult to discuss with anyone
Elixir Health
Alternative remedies for depression, stress & anxiety
Telephone & email counselling from accredited counsellors at a reasonable price
Edinburgh Group of Hypno-Psychotherapists
Offer hypnotherapy for smoking cessation, pain reduction & stress
Edinburgh Floatarium
Therapy centre with float tanks
Edgar Buildings Dental Practice
Friendly dental practice aiming to provide good dental health for all the family
Nursing & residential care in Notts & South Yorkshire
East Leeds Primary Care Group
East Anglia Care Homes Ltd
E Jottings on Tissue Viability
An educational site for all grades of healthcare professional and carers.
Dunster Lodge
Residential care home
Dumas Ltd
Medical information for professionals & the general public
Drug & Alcohol Testing Systems
Drug & alcohol testing without the use of urine
Drs Dean & Susan Carr
Dental practitioners
Dr Philip Kurland
Cosmetic Dentistry.
Dr Nicola Soffe
Homeopathic & traditional medicine
Dr Maxwell Asante (Gastroenterology)
Clinical and research information in medicine and gastroenterology.
Dr Mark James Conroy Associates
Dental surgeons
Dr Malcolm E Brown
Pharmaceutical consultant who certifies release of medicine batches in Europe

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