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London Underground - BootsnAll
Article explaining how to use the London Underground map and understand the colour coding of each line. Also has advice on travelling on the London Underground.
London Bus Routes
Former bus conductor lists the history and itineraries of individual London bus routes and garages.
London 21 - Tower Hamlets
Offers a street map for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Link to details of local services and facilities.
Knowhere Guide
Local's guide to the UK and Ireland includes information on where to buy records, cheap food, comics, and clothes. Watch out for bad spelling and inane comments.
Get transportation news, local weather and job searches from this guide to London. Check out what's new and read the latest news.
Independent Transport Commission
Learn about this organization which specialises in research and policy advice for long-term transport solutions in Britain.
History of London Tube Maps
Images of most editions of the London Underground map from 1905 to the present day. Explains the background and history of the maps.
Great Britain - The Web Site
Regional guide illustrated with photos, town info and history. Includes a guide to country-house hotels, and suggested itineraries.
Graham Hill
Hill's father Alfred was a designer and engineer who worked on the prototype Routemaster buses. Find a short biography and photographs.
British Waterways
Organization responsible for protecting and developing canals. Features links to boat-hire companies, a map of the waterways, and links.
Learn about the British Airlines Stewards and Stewardesses Association. Find news from this union for cabin crew or join with other cabin crews' discussions at the forum.
Aircraft Crashes Record Office of Geneva - Accidents News
Records the latest aircraft crashes and reports on the number of casualties. Browse this archive in French and English.
Action with Communities in Rural England
Organization campaigns for a better deal for people living in rural areas. Check out the projects and publications.
Action for Market Towns
Organization works to promote, protect and revitalize small towns in England. Read publications or the schedule of upcoming events.
Buy Custom Wall Maps
Street/area map centred on your location using Ordnance Survey data.
Instant Access to Maps & Directions with the Free & Easy Maps Toolbar.
Specialise in supplying & financing new, nearly new & second hand vehicles
Eurodrive Car Rental Ltd
Worldwide car rentals
Esenbe Booking Agents
Car hire at bargain prices

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