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Whittard of Chelsea
Renowned purveyors of fine teas and coffee offer tips on brewing plus a huge range of beverages, gifts, mugs and tea and coffee-making equipment.
Water Coolers Direct
Providing water coolers, fountains and filters to businesses, schools, colleges and hospitals. Check out the types of coolers and support services on offer, including filter change reminder.
Virgin Drinks
Find details on the fizzy soft drinks offered by Virgin Drinks. Find online games, music and other things to entertain.
History of the shopping bag, fake official letters, guide to hiding, no-so-good safety advice, and other silliness, from this softdrink company.
Find details about the company and its products, as well as an online shop, customer care, and a section for children.
Rombouts Coffee
Provides ordering information and prices for Rombouts coffees and gift packs. Make purchases through the Web or via phone.
Check out competitions, special offers, news of sponsored events, electronic postcards, and other fun and games from this soft-drink maker.
Find out about the famous coffee, including the history of the brand, advertisements and facts and figures.
Sells a condensed version of the Spanish and Latin American horchata de chufa, tigernut milk, in the UK. Find details of ingredients and recipes.
Kenco Coffee
Learn about Kenco's range of instant coffee and order online. Use a coffee consultant to find the right beverage for you.
Jacksons of Piccadilly
Suppliers of quality tea since the eighteenth century, offers a range of traditional and innovative blends. Buy online or find your nearest retailer.
Produces a range of "naturally high caffeine coffee." Features interactive games and online ordering information.
Has Bean Coffee
offers freshly roasted coffee beans. Choose from the finest African, Asian and American coffee beans, plus unroasted beans to roast at home.
English Tea Parlor Teas
Scan a catalog of teas, scones and tea accessories and then call to order. Find links about the history of English high tea.
Caffe Nero
Buy coffee, cups, clothing and books from this national chain of Italian-style coffee shops, whose menu includes cappuccino, latte and espresso coffees.
Cadbury Schweppes
Major player in the soft drink and confectionery industries features its corporate operations and financial information.
View the range of gourmet coffees including varieties such as Death by Chocolate and Orange Brandy. With an online order form.
Barry's Tea
Enjoy a true taste of Ireland with this tea imported from County Cork. Order loose or bagged Gold and Green Label blends.


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