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Welcome to TipsHire! We’re a small community whose only purpose is to ease and improve your on-line shopping experience and your quality of life.
Patricia Finney - Author, Writer, TV and Film scripts
Welcome to Biolab Medical Unit London UK
A nutritional biochemistry medical laboratory measuring trace metals/minerals & toxic metals, vitamins, pesticides and levels of biochemical markers related to exposure to environmental contaminants.
HIV Support Scotland UK - HIV Scotland UK - Hortilad's Place
HIV/AIDS support and information. Sharing personal experiences of living with HIV and AIDS, including HIV forums, HIV personal ads, HIV resources, HIV information links and HIV/gay advertising.
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Stroke Survivors is a website for stroke victims, particularly Cerebellar stroke victims who are in a minority. However any stroke victim should find some useful information, at least that is my inten...
Bowel Cancer Screening UK
Bowel Cancer Screening. Information on Bowel Cancer Screening in the UK and advice as to who can get screened and what to do if you are not elligible for UK Bowel Cancer Screening
Todestrieb Records - Independent Record Label and Mailorder for...
Independent Record Label for Underground Music and Extreme Metal. Dealing in Black metal, Thrash metal, Post punk, Death metal, Doom Metal, Noise, Ambient, CD, Tape, Vinyl, Merchandise and more!
Diabetic supplies / diabetes products / diabetic testing supplie...
Range of Diabetic Products in Our Diabetes Shop, including, GlucoMeters, Diabetes Testing Supplies, A great range Diabetic Accessories and Uric Acid Monitoring.
Mens and Womens designer jeans from its in your jeans
Its In Your Jeans - your one stop shop for mens and womens designer jeans and replay jeans all at the best prices.
Diabetes UK, UK Diabetes Resource, Diabetes Symptoms, Diabetes D... is your resource for diabetes, diabetics, diabetes research and education; the leading community website and forum for people with diabetes. Discussion groups, information for children...
Metal Miniatures|D&D Miniatures|Star Wars Miniatures
Welcome to Tritex Games, Specialists in Metal Miniatures, Blood Bowl Miniatures, Star Wars Miniatures, D&D Miniatures and everything else that you might need for your fantasy wargaming needs!
Bayer Diabetes Care - Blood Glucose Monitoring - Bayer Diabetes...
Bayer HealthCare Diabetes Care is a leader in diabetes monitoring systems and other products and services that simplify life for people with diabetes and healthcare professionals.
MidMeds Medical Supplies: medical equipment, Littmann stethoscop...
MidMeds Medical Supplies, UKs leading supplier to the Primary Care market of Supplies, Consumables, Equipment and Surgical instruments.
Live Blood Analysis, Darkfield Microscopy, Live Blood testing
Steps to Perfect Health integrates the best of Naturopathic Medicine and Clinical Nutrition with 21st century Scenar and Magnetic Resonance Therapy Live Blood analysis, Electro Dermal Screening and de...
Lower Blood Pressure & Cholesterol | Acne Treatments - Works wit...
UK’s first company to develop a range of soluble food supplements which are clinically proven to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and reduce acne when used as a treatment.
Heart Failure : heart disease : arrhythmia : cardiac resynchroni...
Heart failure can occur at any age and has many causes; in adults it is most commonly caused by narrowings in the arteries that supply the heart muscle (coronary artery disease, or ischaemic heart dis...
Royal Cornwall Hospital Renal Units : Patients & Carers Web ...
Royal Cornwall Hospital Renal Units, Patients and Carers Web Site, UK, Kidney Failure, Haemodialysis, CAPD, Peritoneal, Dialysis, Transplant
stem cells storage, umbilical cord blood bank, collection
Cells4Life was founded by doctors to store their own children's stems cell. We strive to set industry leading standards for collection, processing and long-term storage of your child's stem...
lord nelson burnham thorpe
Real ale pub and restaurant in lord nelson's birthplace, burnham thorpe, norfolk. Pub was used by lord horatio nelson

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