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Photography; airshow photography; WW2 history; photos and panoramas from France (Normandy), Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany
Sick Britain - Exploring the UK Urbex Scene
UK Urban Exploration blog featuring site visits, safety tips, community spotlights, news, etc. Urbex is the hobby (some might say sport) of exploring derelict buildings, underground bunkers, disused...
spacekids - space toys, dressing up costumes, kids spacesuits, a...
Specialists in quality space and adventure themed dressing up costumes for kids, space suits, space toys, astronaut food and other cool astronaut stuff!
UK Urban Exploration Forums
a community for urban explorers and those interested in urban exploration
CityThemes: London-explore the capital city by interest
discover or rediscover the UK's capital city London in a different way - by common themes reflecting interests or hobbies
Mine exploration, exploring disused mines and quarries, mining h...
Photographs of UK mines and quarries for explorers, historians and industrial archaeologists
WGP Group: Marine Seismic Exploration
The WGP Group is an independent British marine geophysical services organisation with proven experience in delivering an extensive and often bespoke range of seismic solutions, from multi-component 4D...
Reid Geophysics
Geophysical exploration consulting in gravity and magnetics for petroleum; and mining and environmental geophysics with EM, electrical and gamma ray
Starchaser Industries Ltd
Space Tourism & Commercial Space Access
Derelict Places
Derelict Places is community website dedicated to urban exploration and the documentation of derelict and abandoned places.
Marsipan - British Mars Exploration Programme
Marsipan's British Mars Exploration Programme explores space like nobody else...
CONFORM and OBEY dot CO dot UK
cognitive liberty
African Eagle Resources
African Eagle is a UK-incorporated mineral exploration and development company operating in Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique
John Godwin Photography - Guildford Photographer
John Godwin Photography provides commercial and Private clients with hyper realistic, gritty portraiture, professional product shots, and surreal landscapes. John's Portraiture lends itself perfectly...
Tailor made and bespoke holiday specialists
Tailored worldwide holiday travel specialists - Canada USA Alaska Australia New Zealand and Southern Africa - creating dreams - exceeding expectations


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