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Sluice Gate | Penstocks | Stop Logs | Flap Valves | Water Flow C...
Waterfront Engineering can supply a sluice gate, penstocks, weirs and stop logs, flap valves, a vast range of flood defences mechanisms and flow control for both UK and International markets.
The Construction Centre - UK Construction Products, Brands and C...
Construction Centre - Number 1 for delivering results on building products and people
Hepworth Clay & Plastic Drainage and Sewer Access Systems
Hepworth drainage has maintained a reputation for high quality clay drainage, plastic drainage, geolight, geotextiles, stormwater management and sewer access systems
Flood Barriers, Flood Defences & Protection - FLOODSTOP
Award winning temporary flood barriers for flood protection, flood prevention and flood defences used by local authorities, households and businesses
Fitzpatrick Contractors Limited - One of the UK's Largest Privately owned civil engineering, Highway Maintenance, Rail, Building and Facilities Managment Main Contractors.
Gut Health | Probiotic Drink | Probiotic Bacteria | Gut Bacteria...
Yakult is a probiotic drink, with a live probiotic strain of good bacteria to help improve gut health and support your natural body defences. Probiotics contain friendly bacteria that can help improve...
Hellens is a leading civil, environmental and development contractor with over 30 years project experience improving the environment of the North-East of England


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