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EM - Effective Micro-organisms Solutions for Everyday Problems
EM Products are used as a household cleaning agent, descaler, plant food, flea and dust mite control, to compost food waste, de-odourize.
A site of genes and environmental risk factors (viruses, bacteria, parasites and other pathogens) implicated in Alzheimer's disease, dementia, bipolar disorder. schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, Park...
Fresh breath centre, fresh breath, bad breath, morning breath, d...
Whether looking for a dentist for regular check-ups or wanting to achieve that 'Celebrity Smile', Dr. Phil Stemmer’s'Teeth for Life' practice, just off Harley Street, is the answer.
Candida Test Kits – Biological Testing Service
Test kits for Candida albicans and parasites - Biological Testing Service - product and symptom information for the treatment and diagnosis of candida, parasites and more, serving the UK
Food Water Pharmaceutical Analytical Testing Laboratory UKAS MHR...
ILS - Food, Water, Pharmaceutical Testing Laboratory. Microbiology and Chemistry Analysis. UKAS, M&S, DEFRA, MHRA and FDA Approved. Derbyshire
Gut Health | Probiotic Drink | Probiotic Bacteria | Gut Bacteria...
Yakult is a probiotic drink, with a live probiotic strain of good bacteria to help improve gut health and support your natural body defences. Probiotics contain friendly bacteria that can help improve...
Hydro Environmental Services-Homepage
Regular inspection from HES means you can rest assured that your company is fulfilling all legislative requirements and you may save costly maintenance bills
Active Manuka Honey
active manuka honey from New Zealand is used in the apitherapy treatment of a variety of skin conditions including leg ulcers, burns, bacterial infections (including MRSA), psoriasis, soriasis, eczema...


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