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EM - Effective Micro-organisms Solutions for Everyday Problems
EM Products are used as a household cleaning agent, descaler, plant food, flea and dust mite control, to compost food waste, de-odourize.
Eco shower, Eco friendly shower, Eco shower head
Eco shower, Eco friendly shower, Eco shower head, eco showerhead, aerated shower, aerated showerhead, water saving shower, energy saving showerhead, anti limescale showerhead, water saving devices
FREESCALE.CO.UK - Electronic Water Conditioner
Electronic Water Conditioner - The way to softer, cleaner, scale free water.
Mr Muscle
Mr Muscle, Hero, home cleaning
Water descaler, water conditioner, electric water softeners, Lim...
Scale Manager 2 Water Descaler is the enviromentally friendly electronic water softener. Avoid limescale problems without the need for chemicals. The best solution to Limescale Prevention, water condi...


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