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MIDI Farm Internet
Provides a sizeable MIDI music resource. Read news updates, search through classified ads and find links to hardware and software sites.
ICMA Software Library
International Computer Music Association has links to music software for all platforms for use by researchers and composers.
Find a Freebie
Collection of free e-cards, bets, books and magazines, vouchers, games and other free items such as health and beauty samples. Also features free codes and IT programs.
Et Cetera
Specialising in software that creates, records and composes music on the PC. View the extensive list of demo downloads or order upgrades online.
A1 Free Sound Effects
Download .wav files of radio, television, and kitchen appliance sounds. Cartoon, weather, car, animal, police sirens and weapons audio is also available on CD.
David Strelitz Video Productions
Provides video production services including programme making, filming, editing, duplication, conversion, cine to video and MPEG encoding.
Clockhouse Facilities
Multimedia authoring and production company that also offer video conversions and much more.
AMG Video Productions
Media company offers filming, duplication, editing, Mpeg encoding and CD transfer services. View literature on their motorsport racing team.
Leo's Icon Archive
Offers loads of icons ranging from comic to decorative. Also find buttons, bullets, and graphic tools.
iPIX Virtual Reality Photographic Tours UK
Provides fully interactive virtual tours and photographs with a full service including onsite proofing of each 360 degree iPIX image.
Inki's Clipart
Browse this extensive collection of clip art files or submit your own. With an emphasis on "urban, bold, perhaps graffiti-like style artwork."
Create great looking custom banners, text, animations, buttons, bullets, arrows, and rules for free. With contact details and a company profile.
FeebleMinds Animated Gifs and Clip-Art
Check out the range of free gifs available for non-commercial Web sites. Also includes animated fantasy pictures, wallpapers and backgrounds.
Excelsior Information Systems
Company offer a CD package which contains various images of fine art. View examples of the portraits supplied.
Corel City - Clipart Centre
Examine the selection of clip art and photographic images on offer from software firm Corel. Includes graphics for both Macintosh and PC formats.
Offers a huge collection of stock photography available for licensing as digital images or conventional prints. Send e-cards with sample images.
Cool Buddy Icons
All sorts of icons including 'hot male celebs', cars, flags, and smileys.
Cool Archive - Icons
Browse this extensive collection of icons and images, available in different formats, to assist in the design of web pages.
Clip Art Warehouse, The
Peruse a large selection of clip art, including icons, buttons, backgrounds, and animated .gifs. Sign up for the free newsletter.

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