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Blank Parody HOME
Blank Parody: UK unsigned alternative rock band based in West Midlands and Staffordshire; Joby Fitzgerald (Vocals), Liam Howard (Lead Guitar), Freddie Shaw (Bass), Connor Hodgkiss (Drums). Debut singl...
The Tripe Marketing Board
Home of the Tripe Marketing Board
The Sleaze: Top British Political Satire, News Parody and Surrea...
Political Satire, News Parody, Spoof Funny News, Current Affairs Humor, News Satire, Fake Politics Scandal and Surreal Humour!
Chris Moyles -
Chris Moyles MoylesWorld The longest runnning Chris Moyles Homepage. Full of pictures, sounds & news. BBC Radio One.
DeadBrain - News, Politics, Satire, Spoof, Parody and Humour
The UK's best online satire. Political satire, news satire and current affairs.
Satire, Comedy News, Sport, Lifestyle and Topical Humour - Wreck...
News Satire, Comedy, Motoring, Sport, Lifestyle Parody and Topical Humor


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